Bridal Beauty Prep - The week before the wedding

As Sunshine Coast Bridal Hair and Makeup artists we are often asked by our beautiful brides-to-be for some tips on all things beauty in the lead  up to their big day. Here are some of our faves to help you look and feel your bridal best

7 days before - Treat yourself to a hydrating facial. This is a great time to enjoy a facial treatment, not only so you can take some time out and relax but also so your skin will look healthy, vibrant and radiant on the wedding day. Avoid deep cleansing treatments or peels, which can bring congestion to the surface and , well, hello unwanted pimples. Instead opt for a nourishing, hydrating facial as the perfect skin pick me up.

Avoid the sun in this last week, and don't make any last minute hair appointments! Many a bride has encountered a hair disaster this close to the wedding. Book your final cut and colour 10-14 days out and don't go for any drastic changes.


4-5 days before - scrub away dry flaky skin with a full body exfoliation. We love the 'Sugar and Spice' organic body scrub from El Es Body (it smells just like a chai latte). This is particularly important if you plan to have a spray tan. Concentrate on areas like elbows, knees and ankles that are prone to being extra dry and moisturise your skin thoroughly each day in the lead up to the wedding for soft, supple glowing skin. Condition your locks with an at-home hair mask to restore moisture and shine.

3 days before - now is the time for any waxing and tinting appointments. This allows time for any redness or skin irritation to subside before the day. Don't make any major changes to your brow shape or tint colour as this has the potential to end in tears! If you have lash extensions this is also the perfect time for an in-fill so they are full, glamourous and honeymoon-ready

2 days before - Mani and Pedi. Perfect excuse to book a little girly spa time with your Mum or bridesmaids and relax. Gel or Shellac polish is the best option to ensure no chips or smudges between now and the wedding day.

Time to tan. Who doesn't want that gorgeous bridal glow? I personally love a Naked Tan 2-hour organic spray tan which means you can shower and be a bronzed goddess within 2 hours of your appointment. A good time to book this is in the late afternoon when you have finished running around doing errands for the day and you can just go home and chill in your tanning dress. Don't forget to moisturise moisturise moisturise after you shower to keep your tan looking fresh and glowy.

1 day before - last-minute beauty rest! The final week of wedding prep is a crazy time and you will be feeling stressed, anxious and exhausted so make yourself a cup of calming herbal tea and get to bed early to avoid those under eye bags (your makeup artist will thank you) and to ensure you feel refreshed. All the months of planning have come together and your our big day has finally arrived, so take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.